About Us
My name is Pam Sheppard and I have been Teaching a variety of Therapies since 1995.
I have obtained a Cert Ed (Certificate in Education) so I am able to teach in a variety of establishments and a variety of courses.
I have taught in many Adult ED Schools, college's and university, privately and for a local Newspaper for many years.

I teach small groups, large groups and single students when required. I prefer smaller groups when it is a  qualified course, being able to give personal tuition, but also enjoy larger groups wit the interation that large groups bring and have taught up to 35 students ar one time.

I have qualified over the years in many therapies embracing with each one, its ideas and concepts, finding that each therapy often has the same ideas-for example stress and the problems it brings, but with a different approach.
So for example stress, hypnotherapy could be used, or Aromatherapy oils and massage to de-stress, Bach Flowers another good therapy, subtle but very effective. Reflexology again another therapy to use for Stress.
Kinesiology being useful to work out which part of the body is lacking in energy and where over energy might be and balancing the body.

Although the client normally decides the type of thereapy they prefer, I find that having knowledge, I can often suggest and help in other ways and this often speeds up the treatment.

All therapies and teaching are in a relaxed atmosphere.
Courses and Treatments in France are from April-September

The same courses and Treatment are also available from October to March
in West Sussex in England
 I am more than happy to discuss your personal needs so please use the
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