The best thing to do is to contact us directly and we will be able to fit something to suit your exact requirements
As a brief idea of what we have to offer continue below

For those who wish to stay on site there is Bed & Breakfast, with an evening meal or barbecue.

There is also a 2/4 berth luxury caravan accomodation where if you wish, you may be self catering.

Early Booking is advised.

For those who wish to stay on site with us during your course, or treatment days will be able to join us for the evening relaxation and maybe a BBQ.
Spouse who come along too but do not take part in the courses or treatments are welcome to stay and enjoy the facilities too

Recreational Facilities on site as follows
Large sun terrace
Large Lounge
Boule or Petange
Target Golf
Or why not enjoy a stroll to the Ruer Briance
Or just enjoy the ambience with a glass or 2 of local wine.

Click here to apply for details.