Pricing Guide


Attunement Level 1                  £175.00               1 Day course
    Attunement Level 2                    £250.00               1 ½ Day course
 Attunement Level 3 Master      £450.00               2 Day course

Reflexology                             £100.00               2 Day course
Aromatherapy                         £  50.00per day   3 Days available
Self Hypnosis                          £  50.00               1 Day course
Pyramids                                 £  50.00               1 Day course
Chakra's                                  £  50.00               1 Day course
Chakra's advanced                 £  55.00               1 Day course
Crystals                                  £  50.00                1 Day course
Kinesiology Taster Day          £  50.00               1 Day course
Bach Flowers                          £  50.00               1 Day course

Kinesiology Level 1                £130.00                2 Day course
Kinesiology Level 2                £130.00                2 Day course
Kinesiology Level 3                £130.00                2 Day course
Kinesiology Level 4                £130.00                2 Day course
Total of  £520.00
NB If all levels are booked together there is an offer of a saving of £80.00

A light lunch, drinks, tea, coffee, water is included in all courses.


Treatments- There are  2 treatments a day
1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon of your choice for £80.00 per day with a light lunch and drinks,
ie tea, coffee, water throughout the day is included.


Reflexology            Whole foot treatment including relaxing foot massage to finish
Aromatherapy        Face Massage
Aromatherapy        Back and shoulder Massage
Aromatherapy        Foot and Leg Massage
Aromatherapy        Full Body
Swedish Massage  Full Body
Kinesiology            Goal balance
Kinesiology            Body balance
Balancing at a Cellular level to include Chakra balance and Crystal Meridian Balance.
Bach Flowers         Including remedy to take home Hypnotherapy for confidence.

Please contact if you wish to have Hypontherapy for weight loss or stop smoking, Kinesiology food testing, Candida etc on your treatment days.
Also Allergy testing for Pollen, Grass etc with Homeopathic Remedy. Supplied.